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While you are mulling a career in psychology, you must be ready with the basics. The clinical psychologist ensures solutions to complex psychological problems through counseling and cognitive treatment. The psychologist, unlike the psychiatrist, does not prescribe medicines. The success of the professional depends on his/her ability to help clients find solutions in their subconscious. You have to undergo elaborate courses to receive the license to practice. The course duration varies. However, expect to invest seven to nine years of studying to obtain the license. There are several specializations like child psychology and sports psychology. You need to obtain a specialized doctorate degree or a master degree to start treating patients.

Where do you start?

If you have a psychology career in mind, start by undertaking a four years bachelor’s program. This is mandatory for all practitioners. You can pursue the bachelor’s degree in psychology or in relevant fields. Some universities accept candidates with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology or social studies. The university is the next step of your career. Here, you go deeper into the understanding of what is clinical psychology. You choose a specialization subject to pursue. There are various specializations. Some are available as PhD programs while others as masters programs. Look up the various universities to find out a suitable course. Also, consider consulting the professionals at clinicalpsychologysite.com to decide on a suitable course.

Ready for elaborate education

You must be ready for elaborate education in the field. Some PhD programs can take up to seven years. Some programs are over in three years. So, you have to select a suitable specialization. Find out the various available degrees at the universities. Look at the course overviews. Always ensure that the course progresses to provide advanced answers to what is clinical psychology. As your understanding of the subject improves, you continue to gain reputation.  This is crucial in establishing a rewarding private practice. With a few years of experience, you can earn $100,000 and more at the profession.

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