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Dental Assistant SchoolsPeople usually forget the importance of clean teeth. They not only make a smile more lit up, but also make you look beautiful. Furthermore, they are important health wise. As much as a doctor would do, it is your body and your prerogative to take care of it. Thus, a strict adherence to a simple oral care regimen – brushing and flossing – is often advised by dentists to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The work of a dental care provider is becoming exceedingly important these days. And so the job of the dental assistant becomes equally important.

What an assistant does

A dental assistant should not be confused with a dental care provider or an operator or a hygienist. Dental assistance involves setting up the stage for the doctor. His job entails preparing the office for patients, developing and reading x-rays, assisting the doctor in operations, handling him instrument and tools, organizing his files. This allows the provider to focus more on providing care to the patients. He is not qualified to deal directly with the patient. He works behind the scene. While the provider requires to be certified, there are no such requirements for him.

How to become an assistant

It has to be understood that an assistant is not the provider. He is a mere facilitator. To start his career, he needs a high school diploma. But to progress in this profession, one can undergo some certifications like Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant and Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant. This keeps him abreast of the developments in this field. Pay package depends on various factors such as the location, training, qualification experience etc. For the year 2012, the annual salary was recorded at $35,080 while the hourly wage at $16.86. There are a number of dental assistant schools like University of Alaska, Anchorage – College of Health and James H. Faulkner State Community College offer these courses.

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